CDI Resincro


Quadripolar Pacing Technology offers:

  • More basal pacing opportunities without compromising lead stability. Pacing more basally has been shown to be associated with reverse LV remodeling and improved outcomes1-2
  • More options to manage common pacing complications, such as phrenic nerve stimulation and high pacing thresholds3-5


Downsized device may allow for a smaller incision and reduced pocket size


CorVueTM Congestion Monitoring uses multivector impedance monitoring designed to predict clinically significant pulmonary congestion events


40 J of delivered energy for greater assurance of successful defibrillation

VectSelect Quartet™ LV Pulse Configuration



Unify Quadra™ CRT-D

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

Quadripolar Technology in a Downsized Device

The Unify Quadra CRT-D and Quartet™ LV pacing lead feature first-to-market quadripolar technology in a downsized device. With four electrodes and ten pacing configurations, this innovative CRT system enables LV pacing at the preferred site without compromising lead stability for better management of heart failure patients.




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