CDI – Fortify VR

Downsize Without Compromise

Fortify ST ICD has the smallest footprint and the highest delivered energy of any ICD available. The device and its extensive feature set were designed for safety and reliability with extended longevities of 8.9 years* (DR) and 10.1 years* (VR).


40 J of delivered energy for greater assurance of successful defibrillation


Continuous ST segment monitoring to potentially link VT/VF episodes with ischemia for improved insight in medical decision making

ShockGaurdTM technology with DecisionTxTM programming, designed to reduce unnecessary or inappropriate shocks resulting in 98.5% of patients projected to be free of inappropriate shocks at 1 year post implant1


New downsized shape allows for a smaller incision and a smaller device pocket


Clinical Relevance of Diagnostic Data

The Fortify ST ICD provides a powerful combination of three important diagnostic reports. Combined with other diagnostic information, these three reports provide a level of critical detail not previously available.
A. ST Deviation Trending: Diagnostic shows the total span of the deviations over time
B. Histograms: ST deviations are plotted in a histogram to visually represent shifts in the ST segment
C. ST Episode Log: Only the most significant events are captured, allowing automated viewing of the SEGM



Fortify™ ST ICD

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

Continuous ST Segment Monitoring for Unprecedented Insight

The Fortify ST ICD provides continuous ST segment information to potentially link VT/VF episodes and other clinical events to ST segment changes for improved insight in decision making. Featuring the industry’s highest available delivered energy, algorithms to reduce unnecessary therapy, and a 6 cc volume reduction from our previous generation of devices, Fortify ST ICD provides unprecedented insight, greater therapy assurance, and enhanced patient management.




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