Cardiac Mapping System

EnSite™ Velocity™ Cardiac Mapping System

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

Precision. Speed. Efficiency.

EnSite Velocity System. Precisely what you’ve been looking for.

Designing and building a cutting edge cardiac mapping system doesn’t happen by accident. You engineer precision modeling and mapping tools designed to aid in the rapid diagnosis of arrhythmias. You design a user interface that mirrors procedural flow. And you offer an open platform that allows physicians to use their preferred catheters and EP lab equipment. The result is
the EnSite Velocity System.



OneModel™ and OneMap™ in one system. Zero trade offs.

EnSite Velocity System creates efficiency in the EP lab through clinical utility, choice of diagnostic and ablation tools, intuitive operation and simplified setup.

The OneModel Tool

Precise anatomic modeling for 54% faster, real-time model creation with the detail of pre-procedural scans.1,2

  • Significantly improved PV ostia and ridge width dimensions1
  • Designed to improve surface rendering of curved surfaces




The OneMap Tool

The OneMap tool sets the standard by allowing EPs to simultaneously collect anatomic and electrical points from multiple electrodes providing visibility into a patient’s rhythm in the fewest possible cardiac cycles when using contact mapping.

  • Utilizes all available electrodes to simultaneously generate cardiac model and map—designed to be more efficient than using one or two electrode pairs
  • When paired with MultiPoint™ mapping tool, increases the density of electrical information and detail of chamber model with more speed
  • Ideally suited for use with St. Jude Medical high-density mapping catheters such as the Reflexion™ HD High Density Catheter and the Inquiry AFocus II™ diagnostic catheter with double loop
  • Allows user to define distinct electrodes on a roving catheter to collect anatomic model and electrical map points

Open Platform

The EnSite Velocity System is built on an open platform that allows physicians to choose the best diagnostic and ablation catheters for the demands of each case. The system is designed to integrate with existing and future technologies, providing an expandable platform for progressive and growing EP labs that require a long-term solution.

  • The only system that offers a choice of contact or non-contact mapping
  • Compatibility with a wide range of diagnostic and ablation catheters
  • Supports integration with most ablation generators and recording systems, as well as remote navigation systems and rotational angiography

Intuitive Interface

The user interface of the EnSite Velocity System mirrors the logic of procedural workflow for more intuitive operation. By allowing customization, the system can streamline procedures and help the lab run more efficiently.

  • RealReviewTMFunction allows live and pre-recorded segments to be shown at once for a constant view of what is happening in the case
  • Context-sensitive interface allows access to functions only when relevant during a case
  • On-screen display of catheter connections and ability to analyze waveforms are similar to traditional EP recording systems

Core Capabilities

  • Up to 2KHz sampling rate and broader filters are designed for high signal clarity
  • A 10-beat collected point buffer provides continuous access for informed comparison of mapping data
  • EnSite™ NavX™ Visualization and Navigation technology enables visualization and navigation of 128 electrodes on an almost limitless number of catheters for confident navigation
  • Dual Map Display allows two distinct map types on one monitor to help facilitate diagnosis


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